Tony Jackson Jr.


The Outlaw Racing Music By Dustin Atkinson

Music is copyright outlaw racing and Dustin Atkinson 2023

5,000 Miles a Month to Race???

Hanging out at Midway Speedway in lebanon with Team Muskrat from Oklahoma

Zero! #dirtracing #outlawracing #racing #dirtcar

Kris Jackson 2 Races 2 Wins. Karter Kam VLOG

Karter Kam at it again!

Dylan Bates I-44 Speedway SRL National

Finally we get a good video of Dylan doing his thing on pavement

We Changed EVERYTHING! Tired of Not Winning

Changed everything and it worked!!

Building my first race car! Day 1 #dirtracing #motorsport #outlawracing

Last to 1st, Water, Slick as Ice

Racing at Central Missouri Speedway. Started 1st and raced all the way to 3rd.

Gemo nemo gluten free #dirt #dirtracing

TJR Rolling Out #dirt #dirtcar #racing #dirtracing #hauler

Is I-44 Speedway Opening in 2024?

Find out here!

Floor Sweeper, Airplane, OPE!

The Karter Kam is at it again, The Jackson family flys up to North Dakota to help a friend find some speed.

Slide Job, Insane Flip, Disqualified??

This is a wild one, Enjoy............

Love this stuff!

Lebanon I-44 Speedway is open

We Broke ALOT of Stuff Last Weekend

Dustin doing maintenance on the car in between race weekends.

Dylan Bates, Nashville, Tranny Problems.....

Dylan racing his #91 Late Model in Nashville.

Dirt Late Model Flip 😳😳 #racing #outlawracing #flip #wreck #crash

Arrowhead Speedway, Another Flat Tire, EP 37

We suck, more flats..............

No Pit Crew and We Win One!! Midway Speedway

Racing our local track lebanon midway speedway! hanging out with friends and family at the track.

Is the Car Really Fixed, OR….. Nevada Mo

The end of our double header weekend is over. ALOT of work to do before the next race. Seems like everything broke this weekend for us.

Naps, Bad Ideas, Did That Guy Flip??? - Episode 36

Racing up north with the mars series.

Man on the Move, Hit a Deer, Cash Money Racing

Felt like we had the car to win, chunk of dirt knocked belt off and made the car get hot.

Are We There Yet? Which Car is Better - Episode 35

The TJR crew finally gets out on the road and heads north to run a couple mars series races. Still trying to iron out some bugs.

Getting Ready for a Double Header Weekend! Cash Money Dirt Series

4a crew working to get everything ready for a long (for us) weekend racing.

Motor Start, Loading, Underwear, Going Racing Episode 34

The TJR team is finally hitting the road to go racing.

Wrap Party, Bud Light, Concert, Forklift? Episode 33

The team finishes the new Capital we traded from Payton Looney.

Heading North! #racing #racecars #truck #dirtracing #outlawracing

You Traded for What??? TJR Episode 32

Traded for a different chassis and getting it race ready.

3 Races = 3 Wins..... Karter Kam EP 2

Karter once again filming his dad Kris Jackson in the J2 Bmod racing 3 times over the weekend and winning all 3 races.

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